Ryan Huguelet

1979, St Johns, MI

Ryan split his youth between rural Michigan and South Florida. Growing up in addiction was difficult and he was dismayed when he too wrestled with addiction. Upon getting clean, thinking the worste of destruction behind him, but, as with most genius he continued to struggle with the basics of life.



60″ x 48″ 1/4″ drywall, oil enamel, spray paint, nails, razor blades.

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Comet Storm Suicides PawnKing’s Face Because His Collar is Disheveled

Luciferian Penguin Sword With Tree of Death Fueled By One Thousand Faces

Bad Burritos and Collapsed Wings

Stretching Before Yoga

Skull Fetus Makes Dad Beat Mom

Otter VS Koi Rabbit Fish Wiht Serpant’s Baby Tounge

I Have No Idea What This Is 1Abob.

Stepmom Telling Me What To Do

A Sticky Gorilla Cyclops

Something Sticky on Something Sticky

Something Sticky But Then There Was Blood

I Swear To Shit If I Start Crying One More Time

You Didn’t Even See These Did Ya

Saturn Vortex Gets Stitches

Trauma Blends

Captain Slicer

Dark Side of the Stitches

Jupiter is Dangerous



Suck It

You Broke My Ribs

Abortions Are Cheaper Than Unwanted Children

Scorpion Tales and Fallopion Tubes are the Same. They Both Kill.

Snake Hands and Naked BlondesĀ 

Not Sure What is Going On Here Yet

Dolphins Puke Sparks and Thats Why They Are Smarter Than Us

Did You Know Mice Can Blow Snot Bubbles

One Time While Working Construction, HVAC Rough In, Because I Racked Up Twenty Thousand in Debt With a Girlfriend, I Got A Wood Splinter In My Eye Because I Wasn’t Wearing Glasses and The Water In My Eye Caused The Sliver to Swell and Get Stuck So The Doctor Had to Drill It Out of My Eye Ball And Offered Me Vicadin For the Pain But I Said “No, Im In Recovery.”

Its Obviously A Pregnant Cantelope

Intestines Are Gross

Never Mess With Baby Arms

Broken Can Be Fixed

But Fixed Still Hurts

And Leads to Wounding Wounds

Steroids Kill Your Liver